To encourage interest in math
To engage a diverse community of students and support them in reaching beyond traditional math curriculums
To provide insight into what a future in math may look like

HMMT November will be held online on November 13, 2021

HMMT February will be held online on February 19, 2022


Thank you for attending HMMT November 2021! Results will be posted in the coming days.

HMMT's Problem of the Week is back! See here for the latest problem.


HMMT does not partner with any organizations connected to competing teams. Any non-HMMT person or group claiming to represent HMMT is untruthful, especially if they claim to represent HMMT in a specific country. Please report all such organizations to us at


Founded in 1998, HMMT is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world. Each tournament draws close to 1000 students from around the globe, including top scorers at national and international olympiads. HMMT is entirely student-organized, by students at Harvard, MIT, and nearby schools, many of whom are HMMT alumni themselves.


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