Registration Policy and Applications

Registration for both tournaments has now closed.
To participate in one of our tournaments, all teams and individuals must submit applications through our online registration workflow. The window for accepting applications is typically around 3 weeks in September/October. No applications will be accepted after the deadline has passed.
After the application deadline, we will run an acceptance lottery. Do not attempt to contact individual members of our organizing team if your application is not selected through the lottery.
Registrations must be submitted by a responsible adult on behalf of teams and individuals in an organization. See How do organizations work? for more details on what constitutes an organization and which ones a student is permitted to compete with. Each organization may be represented only once in our registration system.
Teams are composed of 4-6 students in November and 6-8 students in February. Registration is also available to individual competitors who are unable to meet the minimum team size on their own. Individual competitors will be arranged into teams with other individual competitors during the competition, and are eligible for individual prizes only.


How do I register for a tournament?

Please follow the instructions in the registration workflow. Note that you are submitting applications for tournament registration. Applicants are subsequently selected from a uniformly random lottery to complete their registrations. No special considerations are given to prior mathematical accomplishments outside of performance at previous HMMTs.

Which tournament should I apply for?

Choose the tournament that best suits your ability and experience. For more information, see here. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to contact us at

How many teams can I register?

For our Fall/November tournaments, each organization can submit registration for up to five (5) teams or up to three (3) individuals. For our Spring/February tournaments, each organization can submit registration for up to three (3) teams or up to five (5) individuals.

May I participate without a team?

Yes, you can apply as an individual competitor, and if your application is accepted, you will be assigned to a team with other individual competitors for the team rounds during the tournament. Individual applications are considered separately from one another, so if two students from the same organization both apply as individuals, it is possible for only one of them to be accepted. Note that individual teams are ineligible for team prizes, and individual applicants cannot participate in a team accepted through a team application.

Can international students participate?

Yes, international students can participate in HMMT by applying through the same registration workflow as everyone else. International applicants are treated the same as domestic applicants, and are not subject to any country quotas.

What if I have a question that's not listed here?

You can email us at We will typically respond within 72 hours, but you're welcome to bump the email if we haven't answered by then. We do not recommend sending or bumping emails rapidly, as our email servers may flag your emails as spam.

Application and registration FAQ

Can I attend both tournaments?

Each student may only participate in one tournament each season.

Can I contact you directly about my situation?

Please direct all requests to Do not attempt to contact individual members of our organizing team directly. We reserve the right to rescind acceptances and implement other measures for inappropriate conduct and behavior.

Can I create multiple copies of my organization?

No. Each organization may be represented only once in our registration system. Organizations that are found to be circumventing registration policies and limitations may have their applications held up or withdrawn, and the organizers may be contacted to discuss their compliance with our rules. Repeated failure to comply with our registration policies may result in more severe consequences.

Can I purchase spots to attend HMMT?

Participation in HMMT is not up for sale. Any organization claiming to sell seats to sit at our tournaments should be reported to us at

Do I need an adult to register?

Yes. Only coach accounts can create organizations and register students for HMMT. If you are registering as an individual, you can ask a parent to create a coach account and register for you.

How are teams selected in the application?

Applicants who completed their registrations on time are subsequently selected from a uniformly random lottery to complete their registrations. No special considerations are given to prior mathematical accomplishments outside of performance at previous HMMTs.

How do my students join my organization?

First, make sure that your students have verified competitor accounts on (they can register at and tell you their HMMT usernames. Navigate to the registration workflow, select your organization and the tournament of interest, and click on the Invite tab. You can then enter their usernames to extend invitations for your students to join your organization. Your students should then be able to join by submitting the form that shows up for them after they log in at Once they have joined, your students should appear in the roster management interface.

How do organizations work?

An organization can be a school team, regional club, group of friends, or just an individual competitor. Each student can only belong to one organization for the duration of the season. School teams must be verifiably affiliated with the school, and the school itself must be a recognized educational institution. Regional organizations cannot overlap in their constituencies.

How much does it cost to attend?

At the moment, there are no fees for participating in HMMT. We do not accept "donations" or other forms of financial support in exchange for seats at the tournament.

If I already registered for a previous tournament, am I all set?

No. You need to re-apply for every event in which you intend to compete.

My team did not get accepted, but I really want to participate. Is there anything I can do?

You can add yourself to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available to the waitlist, the corresponding people will be notified via email of their acceptance off the waitlist. Keep in mind that the vast majority of waitlist acceptances happen in the month leading up to the tournament; if you are unable to be prepared within that timespan to attend the tournament, then the waitlist might not be for you.

Regardless, we encourage you to try out the problems once they have been released and to apply for our future tournaments!

What can I name my organization/team?

Almost anything, with a few guidelines:
  1. Don’t name your organization after a school/other organization, unless you are affiliated with that school/organization (i.e. a teacher, or a math team coach).
  2. Please be respectful of others and be appropriate when naming your organization/team. We reserve the right to disqualify or rename participants if their organization/team name is offensive.

When will I know whether my team has been accepted?

We will be sending emails to notify the accepted teams, so please monitor your inbox. You can also check the status of your registration on your team’s application page (or individual registration page if you are an individual).

Why did you reject my application?

The HMMT registration lottery is our fairest way to accommodate as many interested students as possible within our limited resources. Applications are accepted or rejected solely on the result of a uniformly random process, and we aim to accept as many teams and individuals as we can possibly accommodate. Teams that place extraordinarily well in the Sweepstakes portion of the spring term tournaments are guaranteed acceptance for the same tournament the following season.

With whom can I form a team?

All members of a team should attend the same school or live within 150 miles of each other, at the time of applying for registration. We realize that it is easier to find interested students nearby in some regions than others; please let us know at if your team has extenuating circumstances. See How do organizations work? for more details.

Accepted applicants FAQ

How do I add students to the team?

Return to the same page where you submitted the application. If your team has been accepted, you will have the option to populate your roster. Keep in mind that you must first extend an invitation to your students before they can join your organization. Once they have joined, your students should appear in the roster management interface.

How do I confirm my registration after I’ve been accepted?

For team applications: Your team will automatically be confirmed once your has met the minimum roster requirement of 4 (for November) or 6 (for February) students. For individual applications: Confirm your acceptance through the same page that you applied. Your application should now have a confirmation option.

How do students change organizations?

The destination organization should issue an invitation to the student. The student will then be able to chose to accept the new invitation. Note that the student will no longer be able to return to any previous organization!

I can’t edit my team rosters! What do I do?

Roster management is only available to teams with accepted applications, and only until one week before the tournament. If you need to make roster changes after that, please email us at

My team has been accepted, what do I do now?

In order to confirm your spot in the tournament, you should build your team roster with competitors. Once you’ve met the minimum roster size requirement, your team status will automatically change to “confirmed.”

Tournament participant FAQ

Do I have to do HMMT to be accepted to Harvard or MIT?

No. We are not affiliated with the admissions offices of any university, and we do not offer admissions advice. Performance at HMMT on its own has no effect on college admissions.

Do I need to fill out waivers to participate?

Yes! Waivers will be made available at least one week before the tournament. Students who do not have a completed waiver on file cannot participate in any of our events.

When do I have to finalize my rosters?

For teams, online roster management will not be available until after the team's application has been accepted. Once accepted, you have until the confirmation deadline to submit an initial, full roster. You may continue to update your rosters until the week before the tournament. For individuals, the application is tied to the student during the application process and cannot be transferred.

Will there be rankings and/or prizes?

Official tournaments will have rankings and prizes. Unclaimed prizes can be shipped to their recipients, free of charge, anywhere within the United States, its territories, and Canada.