Registration Policy and Applications

Registration for the online spring tournament will open on January 11, 2021 and close on January 31, 2021.

Note that participation in this year's HMMO November will not impact your chances of being admitted to the March tournament.

Most students participate in teams of 4-6 (November) and 6-8 (spring). In addition, we have space for a limited number of individual competitors, who participate officially in the individual rounds and on unofficial teams (formed on the day of the tournament) in the team rounds.

After registration opens, we will organize a platform on Discord for students to meet each other. More information about this will be sent out in the weeks to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase spots to attend HMMT?

The 2021 spring tournament is offered free of charge and is open to all. Any organization selling spots to attend the 2021 spring tournament should be reported to us at

Which tournament should I apply for?

Choose the tournament that best suits your ability and experience. For more information, see here. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to contact us at

Can I attend both tournaments?

Given the special circumstances of this year, participation in the November tournament will not impact your chances of being admitted to the spring tournament. Competitors have the ability to participate in both tournaments.

How many teams can I register?

Each organization can register up to three teams and up to five individuals.

How are the teams selected in the application?

For the spring tournament, we will be running a registration lottery (as for our in-person tournament) to select teams and individuals.

Who can I form a team with?

For the spring tournament, all members of a team should attend school within 150 miles of each other. We realize that it is easier to find interested students nearby in some regions than others; please let us know at if your team has extenuating circumstances.

May I register as an individual?

Yes, but you will be paired with other individuals to take the team round on the day of the contest.

If I already registered for a previous tournament, am I all set?

No. You need to re-apply for every event in which you intend to compete.

When do I have to finalize my rosters?

Prior to the registration deadline, you can change your team and individual applications as much as necessary. After the deadline, you will not be able to reselect which students are part of your organization, but you can redistribute your students among your teams. Team rosters must be filled by the confirmation deadline and can be updated online up until one week before the tournament date.

How much does it cost to attend?

There will be no participation fee for the spring tournament.

Can international students participate?

Yes, international students can participate in HMMT.

Do I need to fill out waivers to participate?

Yes, as of 2020 November 3, each student must submit a completed release waiver in order to participate.

I can’t edit my teams! What do I do?

If it’s before February 1, this means we haven’t conducted our registration lottery yet. If your team is accepted, you’ll be asked to confirm your registration by adding students to your roster. After this date, you’ll be able to make roster edits until one week before the tournament; please email us if you’d like to make changes after this.

How do I confirm my registration after I’ve been accepted?

If you are confirming for a team: Your team will automatically be confirmed once you have added at least six students to the team’s roster.

If you are confirming for an individual: On the organization management page, you can scroll down and click on "Your active mathletes." Then, you can click "Register as an individual" (the same link that allowed you to register). This should give you the option to either confirm or deny your spot in the tournament.

How do I add students to the team?

After your teams are accepted through the registration lottery, you’ll be able to build your roster under the “Manage this team’s registration and roster” page of each team by selecting mathletes from the dropdown menus. Keep in mind that you must have added team members as mathletes under “Your mathletes” in your organization’s portal before building your roster.

What is the HMMT Username field?

Students must create an HMMT account with a unique HMMT username in order to access the waiver and test. To link students to teams, please first ask students to create accounts and send you their HMMT username, and then as a coach, type in students’ usernames under each student’s mathlete information. Students will see their teams appear on their dashboards shortly before the competition.

Do I need an adult to register?

Yes. Only coach accounts can create organizations and register students for HMMT spring. If you are registering as an individual, you can ask a parent to create a coach account and register for you.

When will I know when my team has been accepted?

We will be sending emails to notify the accepted teams, so please monitor your inbox. You can also check the status of your registration on your team’s application page (or individual registration page if you are an individual).

My team has been accepted, what do I do now?

In order to confirm your spot in the tournament, you should build your team roster with competitors. Once you’ve added at least 6 students to the team roster, your team status will automatically change to “confirmed”.

My team did not get accepted, but I really want to participate. Is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately, if your team was not accepted then there is no other way that you can participate in the actual competition. We sincerely want to provide everyone with the opportunity to compete, but due to limited space and resources, this is not feasible. We hope that you will understand. However, we encourage you to try out the problems once they have been released and to apply for our future tournaments!

What can I name my organization/team?

Almost anything, with a few guidelines:
  1. Don’t name your organization after a school/other organization, unless you are affiliated with that school/organization (i.e. a teacher, or a math team coach).
  2. Please be respectful of others and appropriate when naming your organization/team. We reserve the right to disqualify participants if their organization/team name is offensive.

Do teams need to be proctored by adults?

We will be providing mandatory proctoring for the spring tournament.

Will there be rankings and/or prizes?

There will be rankings and awards for our spring tournament.