Our Mission

In 1998, HMMT was founded jointly by Harvard and MIT students to provide middle and high school students with math problems beyond the scope of what is traditionally offered at their schools. Now, with two annual tournaments, hundreds of staff members and volunteers, and over 20 years of experience, we have expanded into one of the largest undergraduate-run math tournaments, hosting thousands of participants from around the globe. Although we have grown, our mission remains the same: to encourage interest in math, to engage a diverse community of students and support them in reaching beyond traditional math curriculums, and to provide insight into what a future in math may look like.

Our Core Values

HMMT’s values lead us to bring forth the best competition experience, for both our organizers and participants.
Community. We believe in bringing together competitors with a wide range of experiences. For participants, we aim to foster a community that can grow as they delve deeper into math. As a student organization, we also hope that our shared love of bringing mathematics to a community at large will bring our members together.
Inclusion. We believe that it is vital to cultivate an environment that is open and welcoming to anyone interested in math--both for participants and organizers. Our goal is to shape events that are not only competitive and enjoyable, but also accessible. We are committed to ensuring that people from any background feel comfortable contributing to and gaining from the HMMT experience.
Enrichment. We believe in providing a valuable and fun learning experience. We hope to challenge, engage, and excite students with math problems that explore concepts beyond the typical school curriculum. We also aim to equip our community with opportunities to further explore math and provide our members with a space for personal growth.