HMMT Online Tournament

General Information

The Harvard-MIT Mathematics Online Tournament is a remote version of the contest organized for teams and individuals that could not attend the Cambridge tournament due to space or distance limitations. For general information about the tests, see here.


Starting with November 2018, the HMMT Online Tournament will be completely automated using the HMMT Hydrogen system, and advance registration will no longer be necessary. Moreover, the administration of the contest will no longer require any involvement from a coach. However, each student will need a computer with an Internet connection.

To join the HMMT Online Tournament, a student should simply enter the online contest system at the designated time.

Contest rules, submissions, and scoring

For the Online Tournament, all answers will be integers, and instructions will be provided for participants on how to input the answers.

The scoring of HMMT Online is different from the on-site contests. The problems are all assigned pre-determined weights, and students will receive feedback on each test at submission. (Students are allowed to submit their answers twice for feedback.)

The HMMT February Team Round (which is proof-based) and the Guts Round are not part of the Online Tournament. However, these problems are posted on the problems archive, and so you are more than welcome to try the problems yourself later on. If you are a coach who wants to run the Guts Round or February Team Round for your students on the day of the tournament, please contact, and we can provide you with the problems and solutions files.

In order to simulate the conditions of the contest, all competitors are asked to adhere to the rules set out for the on-site Tournament, which can be found here. In short, students may not use any construction or computational aids including graph paper, calculators, compasses, rulers, etc. or consult any outside or online sources while participating in the contest.

Proctoring and Administration

Participants in the Online Tournament can work from anywhere and do not need a proctor. The contest server will manage all timing and grading. (That said, teams competing may be located in the same physical location; it's probably more fun this way.)


All times are provided in Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5).

  • 9 Nov, 11:30am - General Round exam released online
    • Exam duration: 50 minutes.
  • 9 Nov, 1:15pm - Theme Round exam released online
    • Exam duration: 50 minutes.
  • 9 Nov, 2:30pm - Team Round exam released online
    • Exam duration: 60 minutes.
  • 11 Nov, 8:00am - Deadline for all online submissions
Note that there will be no online guts round for the November tournament.


As the online tournament is unofficial, results are not announced. Accordingly, prizes are not awarded for the online tournament.